new jQuery 1.4.3 and new plug-ins

October brought to us few interesting things in JS world. New 1.4.3 version of jQuery library has been released and Microsoft announced three new official jQuery plug-ins.

New jQuery version has improved number of things and fixed some bugs. You can find more about jQuery 1.4.3 at official jQuery blog:
New API features are listed here:

Microsoft-contributed plugins (Templates, Data Link and Globalization) can effectively improve work of the developer with the library.

  • The Templates plugin gives the feature of templates known from i.e. JSF that can quickly covert table or AJAX data into HTML structure.
  • The Data Link can help you with fast binding properties between objects i.e from forms and data controller.
  • The Globalization plugin gives you universal way to handle different number and dates (even week days) structures existing in countries around the world. As it’s mentioned at plugin site it can “convert user-entered numbers and dates — in their own format — into real numbers and dates, and conversely, to format numbers and dates into that format”

More about it at:
and for Polish readers, brief article about new plug-ins:

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