pcap heaven :)

I think that most of us heard about Wireshark, and as you probably know the best way to learn about networking and protocols is through investigating packet captures. Sometimes it’s hard to get pcaps of not very popular or easily accessible protocols such as ISUP, INAP, MRCP, MAP, SCTP, RANAP, BSSAP.
Fortunately there’s a place where you can find them all and many more, it’s pcapr.net/.
This site currently offers pcaps of more than 400 protocols. It’s also possible to view packets without downloading them, but I think it’s better to use Wireshark to get into details.

Hope you’ll like this site as I do.

Get my hands on Zend Framework

A while ago I started investigating Zend Framework. At first I used official tuts and manuals and API docs, but somehow I found this quite inconvenient. Then I came across on this beginner’s guide. As it is mentioned in preface this book is really intended for users who are new to this framework but have at least basic experience with PHP, HTML, CSS, XML. After reading half of the book I think that it’d be much better if have at least good skills in above mentioned technologies (plus JS). In that case you can start thinking about your new site build using MVC pattern 🙂
I know that there is a vast number of Zend tuts, but ‘ll try to have my own 🙂


Official book site: