new jQuery 1.4.3 and new plug-ins

October brought to us few interesting things in JS world. New 1.4.3 version of jQuery library has been released and Microsoft announced three new official jQuery plug-ins.

New jQuery version has improved number of things and fixed some bugs. You can find more about jQuery 1.4.3 at official jQuery blog:
New API features are listed here:

Microsoft-contributed plugins (Templates, Data Link and Globalization) can effectively improve work of the developer with the library.

  • The Templates plugin gives the feature of templates known from i.e. JSF that can quickly covert table or AJAX data into HTML structure.
  • The Data Link can help you with fast binding properties between objects i.e from forms and data controller.
  • The Globalization plugin gives you universal way to handle different number and dates (even week days) structures existing in countries around the world. As it’s mentioned at plugin site it can “convert user-entered numbers and dates — in their own format — into real numbers and dates, and conversely, to format numbers and dates into that format”

More about it at:
and for Polish readers, brief article about new plug-ins:

Ps. Always remember to treat your mother right and stay tuned,


XSS is popular technique that gained a lot of interest since last three years. I think that this technique uses vulnerabilities that are know for much longer than 3 years, but now it has it’s own 5 minutes 馃檪 To learn something more about it and ways to prevent from it I’d selected few articles. I hope they’ll give you more insight view in the matter.

Good XSS faq:
And basic information about it as usually available on Wikipedia:

Preventing XSS on your site:
Theoretical approach:
and practical ones:


Test your knowledge

During my current job search, I wanted to check what can they they ask me during job interviews in companies that are looking for an web/front-end developer etc. After browsing few post like “js/html/css interview questions”, I started to seek some knowledge tests, that can help me with rating my current knowledge and deficiencies in it. Below you can find list of few selected tests, I’ve encountered somewhere in net.

Podczas moich obecnych poszukiwa艅 pracy, chcia艂em sprawdzi膰 czego wymaga si臋 na rozmowach na stanowiska web / front-end developera itp. 聽Po przeszukaniu paru post贸w z serii “js/html/css/ interview questions”, zabra艂em si臋 za szukanie gotowych quiz贸w, kt贸re oceni膮 obecny stan wiedzy i braki. Poni偶ej znajduje si臋 lista wybranych test贸w na r贸偶nym poziomie zaawansowania, kt贸re uzna艂em za warte wymienienia.

[CSS quiz]

[java script / jQuery quizzes]


Functional Test Automation

Above mentioned blog is dedicated to software functional test automation of web apps and not only. with special stress on selenium suite of tools, frameworks, methodologies and approach. It’s focused of usage of tools like: Selenium czy TestNG. I must say that in general author put quite a lot of his time for explore the area of web testing.聽 Concerning the blog essence you’ve to rate it yourself.

Strona po艣wi臋cania automatyzacji funkcjonalnego testowania aplikacji webowych i nie tylko. Skupia si臋 na wykorzysaniu narz臋dziach takich jak: Selenium czy TestNG. Generalnie wida膰, 偶e autor zainwestowa艂 troch臋 czasu w zg艂臋bienie tematu, co do merytoryki musicie oceni膰 sami.


The begining

During last few months I was wondering if I suppose to start new blog, where I can share interesting [or not ;] web resources and information that are in scope of my interest and can be useful for others.

That day finally came, so stay tuned 馃檪

ps. 聽I’ll try to add posts in English (to learn it more) and in Polish (so not to forget it 馃槈 Translation won’t be always 100% accurate, so forgive me all flaws.

Przez ostatnie kilka miesi臋cy 聽zastanawia艂em si臋 czy nie powinienem ruszy膰 z nowym blogiem, gdzie b臋d臋 m贸g艂 si臋 dzieli膰 interesuj膮cymi [lub nie ;] zasobami sieci i informacjami z kr臋gu moich zainteresowa艅 a kt贸re mog膮 by膰 interesuj膮ce dla innych.

Tak wi臋c, ten dzie艅 wreszcie nadszed艂, wi臋c dr偶yjcie w oczekiwaniu 馃槈 hehe

ps. 聽Generalnie b臋d臋 stara艂 si臋 publikowa膰 posty po angielsku (偶eby poprawi膰 jego znajomo艣膰) i po polsku (偶eby nie zapomnie膰 w艂asnego j臋zyka 馃檪 T艂umaczenie nie b臋dzie zawsze w 100% zgodne, wi臋c wybaczcie mi za wszystkie pomy艂ki.